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Copiez-collez un texte afin d'obtenir la fréquence du vocabulaire le constituant
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Test de vocabulaire
Évaluation de l'étendue du vocabulaire basée sur la fréquence des mots
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Jeu sérieux simulant une formation ouverte et à distance


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ICED 2020 “The Future-Ready Graduate“

ICED 2020 “The Future-Ready Graduate“ Today’s world is in a state of permanent and radical change which is affecting society, science and the economy in equal measure. In this process universities, as research institutions, are major and active protagonists. To prepare their graduates, however, they must also adapt their teaching to the new scenario of change. They must set new objectives, and be ready to deploy innovative approaches to teaching, learning and curriculum design.

Zurich, Suisse (du 2020-06-15 au 2020-06-18)

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